oscars/gallery 1988 : life of pi

working with the academy of motion picture arts and sciences and gallery 1988, i had the honor of creating a life of pi poster for their “for your consideration” project. each of 2013′s nine best picture nominees was represented in the series.

after seeing life of pi, i was struck by the lead character’s acceptance and integration of three world religions into one, unique belief system. using that as a catalyst, i chose to represent elements from each religion in the design; a Christian stained glass window serves as the backbone of the illustration, a hindu halo glorifies the central figure, and intricate muslim patterns (representing the infinite nature of God) tie everything together.

you can see the entire “for your consideration” series here.

> poster info
size: 12″ x 36″
medium: 6-color screenprint
stock: french pop-tone hot fudge 100C

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