mondo gallery : pulp menagerie

i’m super-excited to show the first pieces from “pulp menagerie”, my new solo show at the mondo gallery in austin, tx.

pulp menagerie is a varied collection of new paper specimens that have been catalogued, collected, and curated for exhibition.

i’ll be attending the opening reception on may 22 and look forward to meeting many of you fine folks in person.

more to come.

> pulp menagerie
opening reception: may 22
time: 7–10PM
location: mondo gallery
address: 4115 guadalupe st. / austin, TX 78751

mondo gallery : pulp menagerie

i’m beyond excited to announce “pulp menagerie”, my new solo show at the mondo gallery in austin, TX.

i’ll be in attendance for the opening and can’t wait to show off all of the new work i’ve been cranking on for the past few months.

more updates soon.

> show info
opening reception: may 22, 2015
time: 7-10PM
location: mondo gallery
address: 4115 guadalupe st / austin, TX 78751

dark hall mansion : a boy named charlie brown

dark hall mansion have once again asked me to visit charles schulz’ world, this time illustrating a print for the 1969 animated musical, “a boy named charlie brown”.

this is the first full-length peanuts feature film i’ve worked with. the longer run time (as opposed to the half-hour holiday specials that i created posters for in the past) means there are loads of visuals and scenes to choose from. i’m especially proud of the story-strip at the bottom that chronicles chuck’s rise and (inevitable) fall.

it’s always great to hang with the peanuts gang.

all editions of the print will drop on thursday, march 12. full info follows.

> regular edition info
24″ x 18″
medium: 8-color screenprint
stock: cougar natural 100C
edition: limited, 285
maple wood edition: limited, 10

> variant edition info
24″ x 18″
medium: 8-color screenprint
stock: cougar natural 100C
edition: limited, 50

maple wood edition: limited, 10

> release info
thursday, march 12, 2015
where: dark hall mansion store
time: 9:30AM PST

global knowledge : be a force

as i begin to work on my 2015 collaboration with global knowledge, i’m reminded that i never posted the campaign that we created in 2014.

so, here it is.

my art director gave me ’70s sci-fi as a theme and let me run wild with it.

when global knowledge exhibits at an industry show (such as cisco live) where they are interacting with students or potential students, they leverage the poster art and accompanying t-shirt design. given that their existing brand name and image is very strong in this space, they feel comfortable presenting themselves in a fun or edgy way.

they also use the art in their training centers, again a direct interaction with students, presenting them in a topical or cool way for a geeky/comic book/video game/sci-fi crowd. for a company that still values its strong corporate image, being able to interact with students in this manner has proven to bridge the gap between training they have to take and training they want to take.

target : giftcards

i had the opportunity to illustrate a few new giftcards for target.

the “treat yourself” design is a die cut card printed with metallic silver ink and comes on a custom carrier. the samples that i just received look supersnazzy.

the “patternshift” design is a lenticular card that changes as you tilt it in your hand. and that’s just fancy.

both are on store shelves now. go get ‘em!

scatterlight : hercules : end credits

last spring, scatterlight studios approached me to develop the end credit sequence for last summer’s big budget “hercules”.

each group of images shown here represents one of hercules’ twelve labors. all of the animated labors would have been realized over the course of the end credits. the images that i created were keyframes meant to suggest how the action would play out when each labor was fully realized.

ultimately, director brett ratner chose a different style for the project, but overall, this was a great experience for me. it allowed me to test my storytelling skills as well as conceptualize images for motion graphics, a whole different beast from the static visuals that i usually create.

looking forward to partnering with scatterlight studios on more projects in the future.