gallery 1988 : ghostbusters : confectionery kaiju

i had the privilege of creating a limited edition screenprint to celebrate the 30th(!) anniversary of ghostbusters.

illustrating the kaiju-like entrance of the stay puft marshmallow man, i chose to treat the poster as an japanese lobby card, complete with terrified onlookers and apropos typography.

quantities of the poster will be released at each of the four stops (new york, chicago, LA, SDCC) on gallery 1988‘s traveling art show, which, in addition to showcasing 13 limited edition prints, will feature tons of original art as well as limited edition apparel. it’s going to be be nuts. full details here.

oh, and the site of the first stop on the tour is near the famous firehouse from the film. so, there’s that.

“i ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”

> show info (first stop)
address: 69 leonard st. / new york, NY 10013
opening reception: 7–10PM

> print info
12″ x 36″
medium: 5-color screenprint
stock: cougar natural 100C

commission : 30th birthday

the wife of one of the maniacs who collect my work reached out to me late last year in hopes of hiring me to do a private commission for his 30th birthday. she gave me a list of all of his favorite movies/video games/music/places he’d traveled and let me pick from those what i thought would make an interesting image. knowing “legend of zelda” was his favorite video game, i chose to make link the centerpiece and distill the other information into icons that would cascade around him.

teefury : back to the future past

paying homage to the time-traveling antics of everyone’s favorite hairy canadian short-stack, i’m pleased to announce that my new “back to the future past” design is available today (march 26) at teefury!

for those who might be unfamiliar, teefury is the trendsetter in pop culture mash-up t-shirts. they offer a fresh design every day and make it available for a 24 hour period. after that, it’s gone!

so what’re ya waiting for? get yourself over to teefury before 11:59 PM EST on march 26 and check it out!

as always, thanks for the support!

mondo : frozen

mondo provided me the opportunity to create a poster for animated phenomenon “frozen”.

when i received the assignment, i hadn’t seen it yet, so i got to take the family to the theater on a “poster research” trip. hands down, that’s one of the coolest parts of doing what i do.

> print info
24″ x 36″
medium: 8-color screenprint
stock: bright white 100C
edition: limited, 440

> release info
tuesday, march 18, 2014
where: mondo
time: random

mondo : finding nemo

here’s “finding nemo”, the fourth and final print that i created for last week’s “nothing’s impossible” disney show at mondo.

an enthusiastic “thank you” goes out to all of the folks who offered kind words and compliments on my work for this show. i feel so lucky to have been a part of what i consider the most impressive gallery show i’ve ever seen.

> print info
24″ x 36″
medium: 9-color screenprint
stock: cougar natural 100C
edition: limited, 325

mondo : lion king

here’s my lion king print that was released during last week’s “nothing’s impossible” disney show at mondo.

this film had been on the short list of disney films i wanted to tackle for a long time. so glad that i had the opportunity to finally take a crack at it.

> print info
24″ x 36″
medium: 6-color screenprint
stock: cougar natural 100C
edition: limited, 490